icon QUICK GRADE ERP Features

Automatic Sales Update

The beautiful thing about the BS ERP is that every record is kept, every sale has its record that made up of items sales record, either credit sales or cash. Cash can still be either through bank transfer, cheque or teller.

Change your plain Marks Sheet in to Progress Card

Introduce student and subject appraisal in your Result Cards instead of just plain marks sheet. 

Multiple Invoice and Receipt Printout formats.

Print invoice in A4, A5, A6, and POS format. All print formats are available on the invoicing interface. This applies to the receipt interface too

Reduce Result Cards creation time by 99%

Reduce your work burden on making consolidated sheet and producing result cards by 99%. Ones the score entry is done, you can generate the result card at a button click.

Tightly Secured Module Integration

Every module present in Business Sensor ERP is tightly integrated securely. Data flow from Accounting to Inventory, to Customer, to Suppliers, to Room management to Expenses, etc are all 100% integrated. You don't need any manual process of integration. For example, when a simple operation like guest check-in is carried out at the front office, its performs guest account debiting, room inventory consumption deductions, inventory asset account crediting, if any advance payment is involved, it does the cash account debiting and credits the guest account, it occupies the room for that period, etc. You don't need to run from department to department just because a guest want to check out, since all transactions are seamlessly connected at the central ledger